Coping Skills

Coping skills are tools and techniques used by individuals to manage symptoms of stress and mental health issues. People use coping skills to regulate their emotions, reduce distress, manage difficult thoughts, and address both short-term and long-term concerns.

For mental health counseling professionals, helping clients acquire positive coping skills is a major component of their job. Counselors support clients in developing an array of skills to manage difficult situations in their lives. They may help identify potential resiliency and protection factors, review adaptive coping strategies, and provide guidance in accessing healthy forms of support.

Coping skills also communicate to clients exactly what skills can be used to reduce their distress in various situations. Mental health counseling professionals might be asked to provide workshops on developing skills such as problem-solving and communication, or facilitate group discussions to teach mindfulness and self-care.

Ultimately, coping skills equip individuals with the tools needed to cope with life’s many challenges. Mental health counseling professionals are instrumental in helping clients build a repertoire of effective strategies for managing difficult emotions, thoughts, and stress.

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